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Other than being frequent (75% of the time), these hangs seem to be random and occur at different places in the update action.Sometimes the update will complete without any issues, other times it will get through a bunch of files before getting stuck, in other cases it will hang immediately after issuing the update command.This directory existed before i installed SVN on it for it to see the changes from your other commits.Subversion does not automatically update other working copies.We have occasionally had a problem with Tortoise SVN (I assume it's Tortoise and not our SVN repository), where a file will be checked in to the repository (doing a repo-browser you can see the files there), and will exist for the person who committed them, but when another person does an update, those files will not be added to the working copy.If I then choose "Copy to working copy..." from the repo-browser, and attempt a commit, the files are treated as new for me and my client tries to add them, giving an error.

in fact if the Update then breaks or is cancelled, you "do not get" those five files; it seems you only get all or nothing on a folder basis. I have followed this guide Tos/Subversion and everything has worked as far as 5.3 (i can check out files).I had an existing directory "/var/www/file-manager". This directory is mapped to a virtual host (ie this is a live website that i can access through a URL).After doing so the local repository will be dirty and I need to run svn cleanup before trying again.The repository itself looks to be fine, we have several other windows and linux boxes that frequently use the repository and they are all able to access the repository and update without any problems.

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