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Previously the longest postwar recessions were those of 1973--82, both of which lasted 16 months.In determining that a trough occurred in June 2009, the committee did not conclude that economic conditions since that month have been favorable or that the economy has returned to operating at normal capacity. Birthday banners, baby banners, Christmas banners…you name it, I love it!I was thrilled when Sameeha from The Inked Leaf created this beautiful Happy Anniversary Banner for me to share with all of you:) Isn’t it gorgeous?!?! I LOVE that this beautiful Happy Anniversary banner can be hung and used year after year! You are going to look like you are SO crafty for minimal DIY work! I would highly recommend using a white cardstock so that it will be firm for hanging.If you want the banner in different colors to suit your home or even use your wedding colors, she will custom design it for you. Then you will also need scissors, a sharp knife, ribbon (I used white, pink, and gray), and the option of tape. Don’t look too close at mine…I tried to cut them as perfectly as possible but hey, it is DIY so it has to look a little bit homemade right?Now you are going to put the ribbon you are going to string your banner on beside a circle.

Until recently, Kotb had kept her romance a secret, choosing only to refer to her man as "Boots" on NBC’s morning show. The only photograph Kotb shared of her man wasn't of his face, but instead his boots after the couple went on a long hike.

Rather, the committee determined only that the recession ended and a recovery began in that month.

A recession is a period of falling economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales.

PHOTOS: Talk show controversies and feuds "Here's the thing, you know when you are keeping something so close to the vest? "It's been almost two years, so we were like: ' Why not?

Just like there are lots of anniversary lists, there are also lots of anniversary meanings.

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