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For more on why contract-first web services are considered a best practice, see in why contract first .

Unfortunately, contract first web services have a, largely undeserved, reputation for being a touch tricky to implement, however this plugin intends to make it as easy as possible to employ these best practices.

Suppose you are deploying all your stuff on Apache Tomcat.

Il vient donc s'ajouter dans une liste dj consquente d'API/Framework Java : Axis, XFire, JAX-WS, JBoss WS, ...

As picture describes, we have User Profile Service web service with User Profile operations which accepts User Profile Request as input and returns User Profile Response. Spring Web Services takes care about all boiler-plate code and allows to concentrate on what really matters - implementation. Aside from very basic features, Spring Web Services allows to configure response/request validation (against XSD schema).

In case of exception, User Profile Fault has been returned. JAXBElement; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation. To do that, we need just to add validation interceptor to the application context: Also, Spring Web Services allows to define our own SOAP fault handlers (based on exception pattern) and much more!

For example, if there is a need to add some details to SOAP fault in case of any exception, here is the way to do that: package org.example; import org.springframework.stereotype.

Inspired by the Spring Web Services project (see Spring WS), the Spring Web Services (WS) plugin support the provision and consumption of best practice, contract-first web services in your Grails applications.

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