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Traditionally, most of our communication has been done via mailing lists, but as our community has grown over the past few years the mailing list model has increasingly become a hurdle for us for many types of communication, for a variety of reasons.

I have some really bad experiences with dating software and I am struggling to collect the information I need on the Osdate Software. My questions are:· Does anybody know a decent reliable server which supports Osdate and which you can reach 24/7, video chat and audio chat included?

For even deeper integrations, take advantage of our webhooks and simple JSON based APIs.

Hang out and have searchable public conversations with your most avid customers, superfans, and fellow team members – every day.

Let everyone discover what you do, how you do it, and follow along if they like.

Also has a very nice flashchat program that is free now to with built a video module add in the to work very well together.

osdate has built in bridges already so users of the dating site are automatically linked to the chat rooms and a forum.

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    But it also strikes me that when you are someone, like they are, who interprets everything in the world from a single, unshakeable, ideological standpoint, you make the erroneous assumption that everyone else does too. Journalists, unlike people who rant at clouds for a living, are constantly required to look into things that perhaps challenge our world view.

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    Take, for example, Barry, a 44-year-old white married electrician, who seeks out women to avoid the world of male competition, "I am more comfortable with women. Guys are always trying to figure out who's the big dog. They compete about how much money you make, what college you went to, what your skills are. Women don't do that." This second quote, from Leland, a 40-year-old married, African-American bank manager, focuses more on the positives of a female friendship, rather than on what he is avoiding in male friendships, "I have a lot of female friends that are nonsexual in nature. When they want to talk about their relationships, I can tell them from the male perspective about how a man is thinking or how they should be treated, and I'm proud of that because a lot of men don't have platonic relationships." Casey's observations of his sister have clearly affected his understanding of the possibilities of platonic friendships between women and, ultimately, between women and men. If you don't make them a friend then, by having sex, you could lose a beautiful relationship.